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What is in your hands?

What is in your hands?

Dear Prayer Partner
Jesus asked: ‘How many loaves do you have? Go and see’   (Mar 6:38)

What “food parcel” do you have in your hands? What do you do with it? This little boy faced a very big dilemma: His Mother packed him a “food parcel” that morning – a few loaves and two fishes. His Mother must have sent him out with a warning: “Now please don’t let the other children take off your food – remember we are living in very difficult times!”  

And then he ended up in this very big crowd who came to listen to Jesus…the men alone were ± 5 000. After listening intently he became very hungry and he went to sit alone somewhere to open up his “food parcel”. But then he recognized that all the other people in the crowd had no food – only he had a “food parcel”!

Then he also heard the Disciples of Jesus walking among the huge crowd, asking people if they had anything to eat. He must have heard his Mother’s voice again telling him: “Now please don’t let the other children take off your food – remember we are living in very difficult times!”  But he realized that the people did not have anything to eat! 

This little boy must have been wrestling with the request to share his food with the thousands of hungry people in the crowd. His little “food parcel” seemed so very insignificant! How would it be able to assist the very big crowd of people?

This is the very same request we are wrestling with as FTS Partners who month after month wrestle with the fact: “What do I have in my hands? It seems so insignificant! How will my little contribution be able to assist with such big requests in the FTS Missions work?”

Yes, you as our fellow missionaries, are just like this little boy! As I meditate on this verse, I realize again that you and us – who are fellow missionaries & who pray together and financially contribute together  for the Missions work of Jesus in Free To Serve –  we are actually just like this little boy who was willing to sacrifice his little “food parcel”. Even if you think your “food parcel” is too humble and insignificant you are actually being obedient in your willingness to sacrifice your little “food parcel” – just like this little boy – to God and his missionaries in FTS!

How amazed this little boy must have felt when he saw Jesus taking his little “food parcel” and fed this huge crowd? Yes, this is exactly how you can feel when sharing your personal “food parcel” every month with the more than 60 indigenous Asian pastors, the 120 children in our Asian Children’s Homes as well as all the children in our FTS RSA Ministry!

Prayer Partner, you as a missionary of Jesus, may know for sure that everything we do in FTS is:

  • Done through your prayers and financial support!
  • And our faithful Father in heaven will put back more into your hands than what you have given!
  • “We cannot out-give God!”
  • Your King’s grace will always cover you!
  • Your King will always care for you!
  • He sees what you do with your “food parcel” – and He smiles upon you!

Thank you that you share your“food parcel” with God’s kingdom!

Johann & Elna Snyman
On behalf of the FTS Management

“If I cannot give bountifully, yet will I give freely” (Arthur Warwick)

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