“Through your prayers & donations we bless God’s nations!”

Thanks to Anonymous Donators

Thanks to Anonymous Donators


Who is Anonymous?

Some anonymous donators are donating into our FTS Account, from time to time, and we want to thank them. But we don’t know who they are – can Anonymous Donators please send us their Cell number or email address to office@freetoserve.co.za

We hereby want to thank all of our anonymous donators – we thank you for your faithful contributions to the work of our Lord Jesus Christ! We would appreciate it so much if anonymous donators can let us know their details at

office@freetoserve.co.za so that we can thank them properly.

“Dear Jesus, we thank You for every anonymous donator, &  for every faithful FTS Partner who contributes to Your Kingdom’s expansion. Please bless everyone of them with the most beautiful blessings that You have! Amen”

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