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Thailand Demographics

Thailand Demographics

Since 2005 FTS has also been operating in the Golden Triangle Area of Northern Thailand where Thailand borders with Myanmar (Burma) and Laos. The Golden Triangle is one of the most challenging strategic and darkest areas in the whole of the 10/40 Window in Asia. Here FTS can reach 3 of the most unreached nations simultaneously.

This Triangle where Thailand, Burma and Laos border has been called the Golden Triangle because of all the corrupt gold that has been made from, among others, the vast trafficking of drugs. This area is known as one of the major drug trafficking areas with 50% of the world’s opium being produced here. Gold has also been made through the smuggling of illegal guns through this area just south of China. The worst is that corrupt gold has also been made through the smuggling of “sex slaves” through many decades. Many young girls and even boys are being “purchased” from their poverty enslaved parents in the northern parts of Thailand, Burma and Laos.

The only way to keep young children from entering the vulgar prostitution market of the world is to prevent them from entering it at a very young age. This explains why God has led FTS to establish a very strong children’s ministry in the Golden Triangle.


Thailand is one of the hardest Buddhist countries to penetrate with the Good News. The stronghold of Buddhism on these people is tremendous. Thailand has got 66 million people of which 95% are Buddhist, 4% are Muslim and only 1% is followers of Christ.

Christians from Thailand are trained by FTS for ministry amongst their own people. The service-evangelism of FTS includes teaching English as well as children’s ministries. This includes involvement at orphanages and lunch time projects at Thai schools.


Thailand is called the Land of the Free – because the word Thai means “to be free”. But enslaved through ages of Buddhist religion Thailand is begging to receive the real “freedom” that can only be obtained through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. God needs you to get involved and help “to set the captives free”.

Will you become a real blessing to the Thai nation?

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