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China Outreach Oct 2016 – Thanks a Million

China Outreach Oct 2016 – Thanks a Million

Jesus loves me  FTS Laos Ministry

Please Urgently Pray & Thank the Lord

Dear Prayer Partner – our Account for the China Outreach has grown through your support. Thank you for contributing enough money so that the Outreach will be possible in these bleak economical times!

During October 2016 we will DV be in China to encourage our leaders of the three churches which we have so far planted there. We will also do some Training for them


  • Thank God that our Flight Tickets have already been paid = R 25 000
  • Thank God for our 4 x FTS staff members’ Flight Tickets = R 36 000
  • We thank God  for the Accommodation (= R 9 000) & Food and Travel (= R 10 000)

·       Total Amount Still Outstanding       =  None (R 0.00)  = Praise God

(= $ 0)
(= £ 0)

Every R 50 or R 100 or R 200 (£ 10, $ 10 or $ 50) etc. which have been contributed is really appreciated by our Lord Jesus and us!


  • Our preparations for the Outreach Training
  • Our FTS Staff’s safety during the Outreach
  • Our indigenous Leaders in China’s safety as the persecution is still very bad in certain areas in China – in other areas things are more peaceful
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us in every word and in every motion of the Outreach
  • Pray that the bonding process between all of our staff will be Godly designed
  • Pray that the Kingdom of God will be further extended in China
  • Pray that the Name of our King will be exalted

“Dear Lord Jesus, we praise your name for Your blessings upon this China Outreach.  We ask your blessings upon our faithful prayer partners who have again contributed with R 50, R 100 (US $ 50 or 100) etc. so that all the “loaves & fishes” will end up being enough for serving the expansion of Your kingdom! Please bless Your sons & daughters who willingly & faithfully share their “food parcels” with You & Your kingdom here on earth. Thank you Lord Jesus for everyone who has already contributed so generously! Please bless them with the most beautiful of Your blessings!  Amen.”

“There is a blessed kind of giving, which, though it makes the purse lighter, makes the crown heavier.” (Thomas Watson)

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