“Through your prayers & donations we bless God’s nations!”

Get Involved

Get Involved

FTS Invites you into a relationship

The appeal from FTS to you is to join God’s FTS partnership in a living relationship as co-partners in fulfilling God’s Greatest Commission. As a result of the rapid expansion of God’s FTS missions we also need more prayer, moral and financial support to reach God’s “unreached” world with His amazing grace.

When the world missionary William Carey left London ± 250 years ago for the mission fields of India, he said to his prayer partners: “I will go to India – but you must hold the rope.”

  • God called all His disciples to “Come, follow Me…” (Mark 1:17)
  • Then God sent all His followers: “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations…” (Mat 28:19)
  • It is very clear that all God’s followers are to be His missionaries on earth.
  • But all of us cannot go to the mission fields personally.
  • Yet all of us can and must be involved in holding the rope of missions.
    • You can act as a prayer missionary holding the rope with essential prayers. View our prayer needs.
    • You can also become a financial missionary by contributing much needed funds for missions. Click here to donate now.
    • Or you can be involved as a moral missionary holding the rope as a moral supporter. Contact us if you want to support us.
  • In the end we recognize the Big Hand of God Who is the only Savior of His world – yet the beauty is that God wants you to be involved as part of His family to seek your lost brothers and sisters and glorify the Father!

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