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China Celebrations!

China Celebrations!

“Pardon me, my lord, ‘Gideon replied, but how can I save Israel?….I WILL BE WITH YOU’…”
(Judges 6:15 & 16)

I WILL BE WITH YOU” makes the difference in our FTS China Missions! So all the glory for the successes in our FTS China Ministry goes towards our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. groep-bedek-img_1760-copy     FTS Laos Ministry

(Sorry that we had to hide all the faces of our FTS China Leaders in the Picture – we had to do this because  the persecution is very severe in our part of China). We have just come back from our Outreach to China where we Trained our few FTS China Leaders. In China we have only a very few indigenous leaders – just like a small Gideon’s Army! But a Gideon’s Army who has made a tremendous difference in China since 2008 by planting 3 x  different churches and being involved in another 4th Church.

When W went to China 8 years ago to do Missions in China there were almost no Christians around in that specific area. She had to work on the rice fields during the day and make handbags during the evenings as we had hardly any money to support her. Slowly but surely she led the first persons to become followers of Jesus in China and in the end she could plant the first Church in her district in China. In this process she has led R also to the Lord. R then led, K, also to the Lord. R  unceasingly then carried on with evangelizing & leading new people to Christ. Out of her Missions work there are today 3 different FTS Churches planted with more than 100 members. It is so wonderful to see how these Chinese people start following Jesus with zeal and passion for His work.

Thousands of Chinese people become followers of Jesus on a daily basis…so much so that it is predicted that at this current rate of conversions China will be in 2030 – in 15 years‘ time – the country with the most Christians – even more than the whole of the USA! Praise God for this tremendous expansion of His beloved Church on earth! China Church Growth


  1. R who has a lot on her plate – being the main pastor over all 3 the churches they planted – for courage, strength & wisdom
  2. K who is still studying music at a university & who isn’t afraid to share the Gospel on campus…that he will be safe
  3. Well-trained pastors for our churches in  China
  4. The probability that a man whom R has  identified in one of the 3 churches will take over from R as pastor…he’s already preaching once a month
  5. Finances to support him when taking over as pastor
  6.  The local believers are on average very poor – that we as FTS will be able to bring in skilled business people who can teach the local believers how to set up a  business in order that they can fund their own churches

Johann & Elna Snyman
On behalf of FTS Management Team

“Earn all you can, save all you can, and then give all you can. Never try to save out of God’s cause; such money will canker the rest” (Spurgeon)

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