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South Africa Demographics

In the Western Cape where we are locally involved alcohol misuse is a major problem. It results in Foetal Alcohol Syndrome which affects babies and adults alike. It is such a serious problem that Huguenot College in Wellington has a special division which only focuses their attention on this problem.

Domestic violence is another problem we are facing. This doesn’t only take place in a physical way but also and especially manifests in emotional and verbal abuse. This leads naturally to family disintegration. An organisation called “Women on Farms” published statistics which state that at least 2 out of every 5 women on farms are being chased away from home by their husbands – this takes place on an average of at least once every month.

Financial abuse is also taking place in the sense that husbands take their wives’ salaries or keep money from them. This leads to malnutrition as the mothers aren’t able to feed their children – this situation is at its worst in the rural areas.

According to statistics the coloured people of the Northern Cape where we have an annual outreach are regarded as the most unreached peoples group in South Africa.

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