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Testimony of a little Indian Girl

Testimony of a little Indian Girl

Never under estimate the impact that your testimony has on other peoples’ lives! Even very young children are being used by our Lord to bring lost souls into His Kingdom. Such was the case when G & R, our FTS Leader in India visited his brother & sister-in-law who were then still Hindus. Their little girl, J (at that stage about 4 years old) one day walked through her very ill aunt’s  house, looking at all her aunt’s Hindu idols on display.

In  her childish innocence she pointed out to these idols and asked ...”why are you praying to these idols? They are dead…they cannot hear you and they cannot help you!” That night her aunt had a very alarming dream of Jesus, appearing to her and telling her that He is the only true God to be worshipped! The next morning when she woke up she immediately asked G & R to tell her more about Jesus…

The end of this amazing story is that G’s sister-in-law became a follower of Christ a year ago and was baptized along with G’s mother a month ago!!! She testifies daily about her new found peace & joy in our Lord Jesus and is on fire for the Lord – even already organizing to host a regular fellowship at her home! The question is: are we still on fire for our Lord? Or are we trusting in our wealth, our insurance plans…our own man made security systems? Is it not time that we – so to speak – throw out our own idols, whatever it may be? Let us remember what He did for us – “bearing our sins in His body on the cross so that we might die to sin and live for righteousness…” (1 Pet 2:24)

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