“Through your prayers & donations we bless God’s nations!”

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

Bunk bed

Recently FTS Indochina were so blessed by a RSA Prayer Team under the leadership of Klasie & Ida van Heerden who visited our FTS IndoChina Missions Work to pray for our people and Leaders. Amongst others they visited 2 of our FTS Children’s Homes in Burma and in Thailand.

When visiting our FTS Thai Children’s Home they were struck by the fact that our Children are sleeping on the floor – as most of our 126 children in our 5 x Children’s Homes are doing. The reason being that we have not had the money to buy beds for most of them. Only one of our FTS Children’s Homes has been blessed by receiving beds.

God spoke to them and some of the members of this Prayer Team donated enough money to buy 10 Double Decker Beds for our Children at 5 000 Baht (R 1 116) per bed (Photo). Thank you so much for a caring, loving and serving community in the Body of Christ!

Thanks for “Sweet Dreams” for God’s little ones!

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