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FTS Manager Laos

FTS Manager Laos

Due to persecution we cannot show the picture of our Laos Manager

Laos Leader’s story

“I received Christ as my personal Savior in 2000. Before my conversion as a Christian I was the second in command-chief of my village. At that stage I abused my authority as leader in selling drugs and was also self addicted to drugs. I had no interest in the Gospel but one day my path crossed that of a pastor who came to evangelize my village and that was the first time that I had ever heard about Christ as God the Savior.

After I had heard about Christ a question suddenly came to my mind, “Does God really exist?” I was struggling with this question and asked myself, “If God really exists, how can I experience Him?” That night I had a dream of an old man coming up to me, saying, “God really exists and I am His witness”. I woke up and kept on praying even though I didn’t know how to pray and then received Christ as my personal Savior. After I’d given my heart to Jesus I became more and more hungry for God and decided to go to Bible school and also to learn the LaHu language.

Right after I had finished Bible school I started evangelizing my own village (50 house holds = 320 people) and leading people to Christ. Currently 75 % of the village have already received Christ and in the meantime I also started to evangelize other villages and to plant churches there.”

My Vision

  • Evangelizing the unreached people;
  • Making disciples for Jesus Christ, equipping them to spread the Good News about Jesus Christ as Savior;
  • Equipping the leaders to evangelize among our own indigenous people
  • Church planting – building the Kingdom of God
  • Children’s homes for the homeless, abandoned & poor children of the villages & even HIV/AIDS orphans

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