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Britstown Feedback

Britstown Feedback

The Free To Serve RSA team visited Britstown in the Northern Cape from 26 Sept to 1 Oct 2010.

Every time we visit this area we are confronted with the great physical and spiritual need of the people.  There is a great need for young people to be discipled so that they can apply the Biblical truths to their everyday lives.

It was therefore a great privilege and joy to be able to hand out  Bibles to new hungry believers – knowing that the Word of God will help them through the work of the Holy Spirit to grow spiritually and become strong believers.

We could also hand out Bibles to some children who attended our children’s programme every day. To see the joy & excitement on their faces and how they clutched their Bibles to their hearts was truly a heart warming experience! The appreciation for this precious new gift for each of them was clearly evident.

We were overwhelmed by the great physical need and poor living standards of the people in the informal settlement.  The Lord faithfully provided enough funds for us so that we could provide in the physical needs of so many hungry and needy children everyday. On average we fed more or less 200 children and 30 young people per day and once we even had some food left over which we distributed among the poorest of the poor in the informal settlement. Within minutes young and old were queuing, desperate for some food – it broke our hearts to see how one young girl, after having received her food, immediately started eating with her hands.  It was clear that she was very hungry and in need of a decent meal.  The next day our whole team could go back with more than enough food to hand out to these people in the hope that it would bring relieve – at least for one day.

Our sincere thanks to all our partners who contributed in many ways to this outreach.  We are encouraged by the spiritual growth and commitment of the group of young people we worked with.  We believe that our labour in the Lord (which includes your prayers and financial contributions) are not in vain.

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