“Through your prayers & donations we bless God’s nations!”

Manager FTS India G & R & J

Manager FTS India G & R & J

Director: India

People like these two persons are fearless missionaries who are prepared to put their lives at stake for the cause of God and His kingdom. G had already been in jail after he shared the Gospel in Nepal.

“Free To Serve is our family and this family means to us a lot. The Lord has led us to this family and Johann and Elna have been great leaders, friends and parent figures to us. FTS has been a source of all kinds of blessings to us for the past 12 years. May the Lord continue to bless this family and great organization to grow in Christ and feel Free To Serve. We want to thank you all as our prayer partners who regularly pray for us and support us. We are your extended hand that is doing God’s work in a different country, India. We want to thank you all for the past twelve years support. You made possible what we are doing.”

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