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Britstown youth camp – What a joy!

Our first youth-camp for 2010 has just passed and we are full of joy and jubilation for the success that we have experienced over this weekend.

Early Friday morning we were woken by 30 kids from Britstown- they where ready for a weekend camp with young people from Stellenbosch, and they where definitely ready to go to the beach!

We spent the Friday morning with the kids on the beach where they had lots of FUN!! For a few of the kids it was there very first time at the beach – what a blessing to have been apart of that!!

Free To Serve-RSA first had an outreach to Britstown in 2007 and since then our relationship with the church leaders and young people of Britstown grew into something remarkable. Since 2007 we have had follow up visits in which we handed out food-parcels, led Bible studies and did training for children ministry workers.

Our biggest joy of the weekend was definitely the 15 children whom for the first time invited Jesus into their lifes. Wow, God is great and all honor to Him!!!

Our theme for the camp was “Making right choices” and these 15 kids certainly made the right choice. The conditions at most of these kids homes are very tough and temptations is waiting around every corner. The biggest challenge for these kids will be when they go home, to still make the right choices and to keep faithful to their new relationship with God. Therefore we ask you to keep on praying with us for these young children.

The feedback that we received from the children after the camp:

“The camp changed my life completely. Everything that I have learned here I will definitely live out and testify about wherever I go”.

“The weekend was remarkable and I learned a lot of new things that I did not know before. I have learned to make the right choices in my life and I feel like a new person”.

“I had a very blessed weekend as I learn more about God. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to give my heart to God. When we arrived here we went to the sea which was great, I also love the new friends that I have met”.

“I enjoyed the whole weekend everything was really nice, but the best part for me was when I gave my life to God. I am still very young and I made a specific choice and I know that it is the right choice. From now on I only want to do stuff that will make Jesus happy”

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